Masked Up

The pandemic has revived this world’s reality …and some of its conspiracies. However, we also know that some truths can be concealed as conspiracies — and conspiracy theories as truths. For example, some people have been convinced that our lives would be somehow shortened if we continued wearing masks in public places. Now, when itContinue reading “Masked Up”

Macron: a Global-minded Leader

Disclaimer: I’ve been meaning to write this piece for some time now. And every time, I decided not to …lacking words that would make it read less political. However, one of Président Macron’s tweet on 8 October 2021 finally pushed me into laying my words on paper. I’m not a political analyst. These views are basedContinue reading “Macron: a Global-minded Leader”

Hillsong Church Under Fire

Have you read about the ongoing s*xual abuse cases against the leaders of the Hillsong Church? What’s your take on those? Carl Hertz who led the New York branch is being accused of se*ual harrassment, while other leaders are being accused of r*pe. Currently, Brian Houston is allegedly being questioned for concealing his father’s pedoContinue reading “Hillsong Church Under Fire”

Emasculating Black Men

CULTURE TALK  Introduction I have already discussed why all men should be ‘allowed‘ to wear dresses (read the article HERE), — or to be freely gay (read the article HERE).  Today’s article concerns Black Men in particular. The text mentions Black people, the Black Community, and Black men. Disclaimer: When referring to Black people inContinue reading “Emasculating Black Men”


LET’S TALK Opening statement Let all males who want to wear a dress wear one. “Their bodies, their choice.” Right? Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of those kitchen table talks that people could share over coffee. So, please read with a light heart. I write this text knowing that women are benefiting only 35%Continue reading “MEN WEARING DRESSES”

Judgement Analysis

Privacy Shield: Schrems II Data Protection Commissioner v Facebook Ireland Limited, Maximillian Schrems (“Schrems II”) – Case C-311/18 ——————————————- JUDGEMENT ANALYSIS: DECISION OF THE COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION: 16 JULY 2020 LEGAL CONTEXT BACKGROUND On 16 July 2020 the European Court of Justice declared that the adequacy decision pertaining to the PrivacyContinue reading “Judgement Analysis”

(Just Words:) Regret Not — Vulnerabilty

There is a serious risk in being vulnerable. The risk is that those whom you’re being vulnerable to may misuse or ridicule your vulnerability. But the bigger risk is that if you refrain from being vulnerable, you consequently allow fear to win. Take the lesser risk, and get the job of healing done. When youContinue reading “(Just Words:) Regret Not — Vulnerabilty”

Seven Days of Prayer (Poem)

We prayed for seven days.But, by the last day,we still needed more days to pray.On the first day we prayed wellby the well.We prayed for strength and to be saved from hell.Strength to carry and bear the weight of the bear.The furless bear that was livingrent-free within. On the second day we prayed for unionContinue reading “Seven Days of Prayer (Poem)”


DisclaimerI am writing this analysis from the view of an observer. And without a reliable primary source of any of the events taking place in Afghanistan. I do not condone violence nor any threat to women and children. I am neither a political analyst nor a politician. I am just a writer and a researcherContinue reading “TALIBAN | AFGHANISTAN : AN INFORMAL ANALYSIS”