The controversy of A WOMAN (Poem)

A woman.Born to lead the world but settled for a second place.Born to birth children; nurture and teach them.But settled to share the responsibility with a man.Born to teach a man how to behave.But settled to be taught by a man on how to behave.Born powerful, resilient, and strategic.But allowed a man to control herContinue reading “The controversy of A WOMAN (Poem)”

Self-chained Generation (Poem)

We write messages that brains refuse to read.We create real pictures that eyes refuse to see.We speak from silenced lips.Because in empty spaces, we seek. Our limbs are running numb.We’re running to seek the truth in hidden lies.In darkness, we’re intertwined with blanks.Because what is is not for our lamps. Many times we are voiceless.OurContinue reading “Self-chained Generation (Poem)”


We stood in the queues,in line, waiting.Some of us stood for something,while some stood for nothing.Some of us stood voluntarily,while some were forced,because their hopes to full life were destroyed.But we all stood in the queues, in line, waiting. We stood in the queues,in line, waiting.Some of us stood to vote because it’s our right,while someContinue reading “WE ALL STOOD (Poem)”

Mindfulness (Poem)

Mindfulness We’re sitting on a hill,reminiscing about our deeds.These are mesmerising moments of ease;scenes are harmonising in keys.But we’re in a state of oblivion,shunned from the view of fate in this period. We think about the nice days from our teens;the things that we did at our free will.We’re in sync with the future andContinue reading “Mindfulness (Poem)”

Climb that Mountain (Poem)

Climb that Mountain There is a mountain placed before us.It’s wide, big; high above the clouds.With no way around it;no choice about it.Just to climb it,even through low sighs. Some mountains, we choose.Often those that we pursueare easy to climb.They leave no bruise;we step on them like crumbs.No sweat, no fuse.But also no valuable lesson.JustContinue reading “Climb that Mountain (Poem)”