Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

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1. If you make a mistake, pause. Continue with the activity at a later stage.
2. It’s not a big deal if you wear your shoes on the wrong foot. Laugh at yourself and fix it when you’re ready.
3. Drawing on the wall, or making some mess, is not a big deal.What matters is the intention behind the action. In many cases, the intention is pure.
4. Touching dirt, or playing on the ground, isn’t a death sentence. It’s experimental and fun.Touch a bit of soil sometimes.Have a garden.
5. Eating too much on a certain occasion will not contribute to your weight gain. Enjoy the deliciousness of the food without worrying about your kilos.
6. A little blunder, even if many, will not tarnish your image. Mistakes are part of life.
7. If someone refuses to give you something, holding a grudge is useless.
8. Falling is part of life. But you must get up regardless of whether there is someone thereto pick you up or not.
9. Scratches and light wounds should not stop you from enjoying life. When people or things hurt you, have some strength to continue living your life.
10. Expensive toys are nice to have. But the most fun can bethe simple and cheap ones. Make the best of experiences out of the minimum resources that you may have.

Lessons from Toddlers

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Investigating the Wound of Michael Jackson

Wounding is a process that is caused by external forces, and of course by ourselves ….but always because of external forces. Some wounds are visible while some remain hidden.

In this Investigation, we explore Michael Jackson’s wound, as per the vedic science. We uncover the deepest aspect of his life that made him uncomfortable. In this episode, we uncover his Wound. 

Let’s dive in.

Assumptions: The research assumes that Michael Jackson’s birth time is correct.
Disclaimer: Vedic scientists do not acknowledge the role of the asteroid Chiron in our lives, only the Western scientists do. However, in my research I have discovered that the vedic theoretical explanations of how the planets affect our lives have more weight. Therefore, in my approach I analyse all planets and asteroids using the theories from the vedic science.

Who Was Michael Jackson?

Michael was an Icon, a performer, an ultra talented individual, and a humanitarian.

” 10 Reasons Michael Jackson Became The King Of Pop” — The Grammy’s, 2017.

Such headlines have been accurately declaring Michael Jackson as The King of Pop. Rightfully so, due to his unmatched stage presence and delivery. He broke into the industry at a tender age and went on to rule it until his passing. 

Who Was Michael Jackson According to Science?

Michael was born as a different individual. By different we mean in an outstanding way. Why? Simply because he is an Aquarius rising. Aquarius people are known as inventors, humanitarians, and the nonfollwers. Yet, Aquarius rising people do also get judged as “too different”, “strange”, or “weird”. 

In deed we saw these labels being adorned on Michael many a times. He was even judged for wearing a mask, which everyone on earth is now wearing.

” During his life Jackson also saw a huge amount of criticism for wearing masks and his bizarre behaviour off stage.” — Express, 2020

” The weird ways of Wacko Jacko” The Sydney Herald Morning, 2009

” Il était surnommé «Wacko Jacko» (Jacko le barjo). Michael Jackson a toujours eu un côté mystérieux. De son vivant déjà, il attisait la curiosité de par son aspect physique «différent», à cause de ses multiples interventions de chirurgie esthétique, mais aussi du fait de la vie qu’il menait à Neverland, avec son parc d’attraction et ses habitudes faisant de lui un éternel enfant.” Paris Match, 2010.

One could find such stories, and headlines in almost all languages. Sure, Michael Jackson was praised for his talent, but he was also ridiculed as a human being. Perhaps a case of a curse and a blessing.

But of course, we can see why he received these labels. The planets aligned for him to be born in an Ascendant that is associated with weirdness, so to speak. 

His Wound

The science considers the asteroid Chiron as a significator of the pain that we experience on this earth. This ‘wound’, as scientists present it, is evident as soon as childhood, with some, and as early as in infancy for the rest.

Michael Jackson’s Chiron at birth was placed in the 12th House. 

The 12th House is associated with everything that is hidden. Hidden enemies, secrets, bed pleasures, bad pleasures, cheating, isolation, depression, suicidal thoughts, vivid dreams and nightmares, abuse, ‘hearing voices’, being spiritually gifted, seeing things that others can’t see. All of these are the results of this House. The good and the bad of “loneliness”.

It also represents the places that can give such experiences; such as, hospitals, prisons, living in foreign places away from one’s loved ones, cemeteries, shelters, and so on.

Wounding in Secret

Scientifically we can see that Michael Jackson was wounding in secret. In many cases, he himself could have not even known his wound. Because this is what this House does, it can also hide things from the Subject Matter. 

Surely, he had secret enemies that were harming him in secrecy.  He could have had some “visions” which he may not have told anyone about. 

We also know that, from his testimony through journalists, Michael Jackson was abused. 

” Michael Jackson’s abusive childhood – whipped with a strap, beaten and isolated” — Mirror, 2019

“With Jackson we have, uniquely, witnessed an entire life of abuse played out in front of our eyes, in which the once-adorable little boy, whose father notoriously physically abused him,…” — The Guardian, 2019

We have also seen plenty of se*ual abuse allegations regarding Michael Jackson. Why? Because as stated above, the 12th House represents bed and bad pleasures.

Usually se*ual abuse takes place in secret. This House is all about secrecy. What is also possible could be that he himself endured se*ual abuse, which of course would remain hidden from the public due to the nature of this House.

The Cause: Who or What Influenced Michael Jackson’s Wound?

The science shows us that the 12th House of all these hidden things, including Michael’s hidden pain, is influenced by two planets. That is Venus and Saturn.

The planets represent people as the scientists have discovered. They can also represent things, topics, places, body parts, and so on.

Then, if we have to start with the WHO, we get to identify the people who caused Michael pain in his life. Of course, we also know that he could have not been aware of these people as his enemies …due to the secrecy theme of the House.

Venus in vedic science represent women in general. It also represents a wife for a man. Venus also represents make-up artists, fashion designers, milk men, basically any person who works in professions relating to beauty, comfort, luxury, and pleasure.

Vedic scientists discovered that Saturn represents people of authority. Bosses in organisations, elders in communities, the Generals of our world.

 These are the two groups of people that caused harm to Michael Jackson as per the science. It is even worse because his Chiron, the Wound, was placed in a House owned by Saturn. Meaning that not only did the people of Saturn did whatever to him, they also had full control of the environment of his Wound.


Now if it could have not been people hurting him, we need to know what could have been the subject of his pain. 


Venus is pleasure as per scientists declared. All sensualities are of venus. Now, influencing the 12th House would indicate that Michael indulged in secret but pleasurable things. We also see that because of the energies of Saturn, these pleasures would have be highly controlled.

Saturn represents hard work, limitations, endurance, and practicality. In this House, it would indicate that Michael could have been drowning in hard work, drowning himself, or drowning because of other people. 
Isolation is also another theme that is represented by Saturn. Depression too.
We can also detect that even though he was always surrounded by people, he could have been feeling highly isolated and lonely. Or perhaps he himself preferred to isolate himself. 

Regardless of these, we can see that he was forever feeling isolated. 


Basically, what the Vedic Science has revealed is what we have been reading as allegations throughout Michael’s career. In deed vedic science often reveals to us what will happen, what is happening, and what has happened in our lives. It also tells us who will do it, where it will be done, and how it will be done. It does so in a tremendous way that other forms of human studies have failed to reveal.

Disclaimer: this Investigation is completed for research purposes only. The aim is to test the science against True Life Events.Images from Twitter.

2022: Happy New Year

“May you prosper in everything that you do.”

Year 2021: A recap. 

Here are some of the incredible testimonies that I observed last year about my work.

You know, I thanked God at the beginning of today; at the beginning of this year, 2022. And now, my thanks is due to everyone who supports my work.It is impossible to buy genuine support. Therefore, I am humbled by everyone who has mentioned my work in the past year, 2021.

It is also a challenge to highlight everyone’s post. However, my heart keeps a register of your overwhelming support. It is a humbling experience to know that my words make some impact in people’s lives. 

I thank you all, always. 🌺

Investigating the Death of Aaliyah

Using Unorthodox Sciences to Investigate True Life Events.

On 21 August 2021 the Daily Beast reported that;

” In the years since, there have been few explanations for why the plane was ever allowed off the ground in the first place. Arguments had broken out between Aaliyah’s entourage and the pilot over the plane being overweight. After the crash, it was quickly confirmed that the small twin-engine plane exceeded its maximum weight limit by several hundred pounds. Plus, the weight was not evenly distributed, which would have made the plane harder to control once it got into the air. The last significant update came in 2002, when a toxicology report found that the inexperienced pilot had cocaine and alcohol in his system.”

There were many allegations made at the time of Aaliyah’s death; most which pointed the finger at the pilot who had ignored some of the aviation rules, as they claimed.
This controversy leads us to our research question: was the pilot to blame, or did the plane have underlying issues already? 

Investigation Facts

Date of birth: 16 January 1979

Announced date of death: 25 August 2001

Alleged cause of death: Plane crash

The Beautiful Revelation 

Why was Aaliyah the chosen one? Why did she have one of the most angelic voices ever? Why did she have all the stardom? Well, it’s not by luck. It’s not by chance. The planets had aligned to award her with her extra ordinary talents. How so, Let’s see.
She was born with a Capricorn Ascendant. Meaning that the public viewed her as a hardworking and practical individual. Because Saturn owns Capricorn.

By the way, her personality was mixed with the influences of Sun and Mars that sat on the Ascendant (Body) at birth. Mars and Sun are best friends. The soldier and the king work very well together. They get the job done as quickly and swiftly as possible. They move fast. They are hot, literally. Where they touch, they leave a huge mark. Therefore, on whomever’s body they sit, they will make that individual outstanding in all forms.

Such a combination means that when it came to her, the sad parts of Saturn such as depression and loneliness were not visible to the general public. Why? Because they were hidden by the energy of Mars: action and passion. And that of Sun: royal and and full of vitality.

So, with the energies of these three planets in her Body, means that she had a work ethic that was hard to be competed with. To top it off, these energies were being influenced by Jupiter. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Meaning that whatever Aaliyah did, she was able to then outdo herself and others. She also had the talent that was difficult to hide. A star born to be a star indeed. 

There is an interesting factor about her love life which is clearly evident from her chart. But we leave that part for a Love related Series. 

Her Planetary World on the Day of Death

On this subject date we see that there was an alarming movement of planets in her planetary world. But as always, the first planet that we have to see is the one responsible for her Boy. That is Saturn in this case. 


Saturn was in a comfortable position on  this day. Saturn was relaxing at the home of its best friend Venus. Having the best pleasures that venus can give. It was away from its normal serious and depressive state. It was also 10 places away from its residency, being in an empowered position. Why? Because the number 10 is spiritual to Saturn. 
Alright. So then, if the Body of Aaliyah was in a good mood on this day, why did the plane crash happen? Why did Aaliyah exit her body?

The Body was in a comfortable position but still having some negative vibes from Saturn’s 7th aspect. What we see is that Mars, comfortable in its own House, was setting Saturn off. Saturn hates Mars even though Mars poses no threat to it. 

However, on the 8th place from Saturn rests Ketu. Ketu and Saturn are mutual enemies. Ketu being in the 8th place to Saturn represents the death of Saturn. It also represents accidents aimed for Saturn. Therefore it is clear, Ketu would be the ultimate fall of Saturn (Body).

What we also know is that even if some accidents are orchestrated, they will all have a sudden end. The planet  that was ruling the 8th House (not to be confused with the 8th place) of sudden accidents, in this case, was Sun. 


At her birth, Aaliyah’s sun was sitting on the Body as we have seen. While sitting on the Body, it ruled all the affairs of the 8th House, of which the sombre ones are death, accidents, assassination, secrets, occults, hidden knowledge, abuse, and s*xual activities. As per the science, it indicates that wherever she took her Body, these things would follow her. And of course including the good parts of the 8th House. 

It so happened that on that day, Sun was in the 8th House and comfortable. Comfortable in the house of accidents and death. 
Usually in cases where Sun visits the 8th House, secrets get revealed. Why? Because the 8th House is like the deepest part of a huge lake.

Therefore, when there is a lamp that sits at the bottom of that lake, the world is sure to see everything that is hidden deep in that water. But the thing is that, the lamp itself cannot hide because it also gets exposed, attracting attention to itself. This position becomes extremely helpful if it’s a case where the light wants to be saved. Because it makes it easier for rescue. 

But, for the Sun to be submerged under this dense darkness limits its ability to shine to its maximum potential.

Moreover, Sun was with Mercury in this House of accidents on that day.


Generally, Mercury is responsible for transportation. meaning that its role is important in this case. Because the Body (Sun) is with transportation (Mercury) in a house of accidents. Mercury is also very happy to be with Sun because to it, Sun is a friend. Meaning that Mercury will do as Sun pleases.

Since they’re in the 8th House, we also need to see the planet originally responsible for accidents. We need to see what’s happening with Mars.


What we see is that Mars is sitting with Chiron, moon, and Pluto. The king of death and accidents is with the ruler of pain, the ruler of heart and mind, and the ruler of power struggles or conflicts. Mars is trouble sitting with trouble.

But the planet that had a final say was in fact Ketu.

In exploring Ketu’s influence, we also find a possible answer to our research question: was the pilot to blame, or did the plane have underlying issues already? 


Ketu represents technology, computers, and gadgets. And obviously a plane encompasses all of these subjects. On 25 August 20101 Ketu was places in the 12th House. A 12th House represents our deathbed. 

Disclaimer: as always, this Investigation is for research purposes only. The aim is to test the theory of vedic scientists or science against True Life Events.
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Investigating the Death of Paul Walker

Investigations Based on Unorthodox Sciences

Paul Walker was a very liked celebrity. People did not only enjoy his status, but also his reported humility.

Then, on 30 November we all read the news about his passing. We read that it was due to a car accident. 

However, like in many cases within the celebrity circle, there was a suspicion of foul play. 

On 6 April 2016 The Guardian reported that,

“Porsche was not to blame for the high-speed crash that killed Fast & Furious star Paul Walker and his friend and driver Roger Rodas, a California court has ruled. US district judge Philip S Gutierrez said Kristine Rodas had failed to prove her case that the Carrera GT model being driven by her husband at the time of the fatal crash lacked vital safety features. “Plaintiff has provided no competent evidence that Rodas’s death occurred as a result of any wrongdoing on the part of defendant,” he wrote in a judgment at the Los Angeles superior court.”

This leads us to our research question: was the vehicle the reason Paul Walker passed away? 

Investigation Facts

Date of birth: 12 September 1973

of death: 30 November 2013

Announced cause of death: car crash

Assumptions: The research assumes that the dates of Birth and Death are true.
Method: I use academic research ways to compare theories from vedic sciences and/or scientists to True Life Events such as this unfortunate case. 

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s begin.

The Beautiful Revelation

Some people have probably wondered why Paul Walker had to have it all. The super celebrity status, the looks, and the drive.

Why? Here’s why.


At his birth, Paul Walker had one of the most beautiful charts ever. He was born with a Leo Ascendant. Meaning that when people looked at him, they’d see a “royal being”, a lion, a high governed being, a reserved individual until it was necessary to show his roar. This appearance was super special because it was also enhanced by the fact that Sun was also sitting in it. Sun was sitting in its House, or rather, in its palace.

To remember: the Ascendant represents our body, physical appearance, and personality.
In Paul’s case, it also means that he was shining from afar. Just imagine the glow the sun has on anything it touches… Yes, so was his presence. Glowy, full of life, and full of vitality. In this position of Sun, Paul would have “brightened up” people’s day when encountering them. 

Sun was not the only planet sitting in its own House. Paul Walker also had Venus sitting in its own House, giving him the greatest Venusian objects, a balanced approach to dealing with neighbours and younger siblings, and a balanced communication. Venus is a planet of beauty, pleasure, comforts, women in general, and the Arts. 

The third planet that was sitting in its own house, powerful, was the soldier Mars. In Paul’s chart, Mars is in its highest power ever. Meaning that it gave Paul drive, action, and passion towards any goal that he wanted. 

However what is evident according to his chart is that Paul might have received negative and cold treatment from his friendship and network circle. Why? Because there are major obstacles in the House of friendship groups, network circles, and older siblings in his chart. The chart in this House has the punisher Saturn and the seperator Ketu together.

Both planets are extremely serious. They do not entertain fun times nor materialistic stuff. 

In fact, this position also indicates that Paul Walker had only a few close friends in his life. 
Saturn limits, restricts, and isolate the subjects of the place it sits in. Similarly, Ketu separates, isolates, and enforces letting go of any subjects it sits in. 

Because, in perspective, this sombre placement is taking place in the House of gains and profits. Thus, it also indicates that Paul Walker donated some of his gains and profits to others.

But generally, Paul Walker was blessed above and beyond. The planets had magnificently aligned when he was born.

But with all the good things that life gives, it also comes back to remove the Body from them. So, today we need to analyse what the science says happened on that sad day. Let’s see.

Paul’s Planetary World on the day of Death

We have seen that Sun was the owner of Paul’s Body. Therefore, now we need to analyse what was happening to it on this subject day. What we see is that Sun was 4 places away from its place. This position gives it a sense of “home”. Sun’s demeanor was also positive on this day because it was resting in a House owned by its great friend, Mars. 


Mars was in a great place in support to Sun. Mars was 11 places away from Sun, representing gains and wishes. And it was also in the 2nd House to the Ascendant, again representing material possessions and wealth.

But Mars was weakened because it was placed in one of the two Houses owned by Mercury. Mars dislikes Mercury. Mars find Mercury disturbing.

Consequently, Mars couldn’t fight for its friend, Sun, due to this compromised position. Instead, it played a role in escalating the accident unintentionally.

Mars represents male friends, males in general, warriors, surgeons, and so on. We have seen from Media that Paul Walker was with his friend at the time of death. The friend couldn’t protect neither himself nor Paul. So much as the Science is alluding.

So then what caused Sun (the Body) to shut down? Why did Paul exit it?

For this part, we need need to dive in and follow the critical points regarding the life of Sun on this day. We have to see what was happening in the 8th place from Sun from its position. Why? Because 8 places away from a planet represents its sudden changes, transformation, death, rebirth, secrecy, and so on. Most importantly to this case, it also represents accidents because its original owner (8th House) is Mars. Mars is king of accidental or violent deaths.  

Now, when we count and get to the 8th place from Sun, we find that Jupiter is the one sitting here. Jupiter is best friends with Sun. Jupiter, being a representative of Grace and positivity should have been able to stop any accidents or deaths relating to accidents. Sun (the Body) shouldn’t have been in that predicament. 


Why then did Jupiter fail to protect Sun? 
Jupiter was actually not in a good mood on this day. The preacher of positivity was feeling down and agitated. Why? Because it was sitting in Mercury’s House. Jupiter hates Mercury even though Mercury considers Jupiter as neautral. To top it off, Jupiter had a direct 5th aspect to Mercury. All in all, Jupiter was heavily distracted on this day. 

But even so, with Jupiter distracted, the House of Mercury shouldn’t be that harmful to Sun because Mercury considers Sun as its friend. (Even though Sun doesn’t feel the same.) Sun considers Mercury as neautral …just an acquaintance. 

When looking at the Body in correlation to the 8th place, the science fails to heavily justify the death.

So then, the next step is to further go down the line. We now have to examine the 12th place from Sun. To remember: 12 places away from a planet represents its death, foreign places, isolation, hospitalisation, and many more. 

But vedic scientists claim that 12 places and 8th places (or Houses) are of the same nature. The difference is that in the 8th House, these changes happen suddenly, whereas in the 12th House, they are gradual and long-term or permanent. 

In a case of an accident, the accident happens suddenly without planning or expectation (8 influence). Then follows the hospitalisation, imprisonment, or burial (12 influence). We notice that there is some planning that happens when life deals the person its 12 impact.

But the judge ruled that the accident was not caused by any failure in planning for the safety of the car. Yet, the science says this was not just a ‘sudden’ car accident. 
As a result, we are propelled to find the reason that could connect 8 influence to the 12 outcome.

12th place away from Sun

What we actually find in the 12th place away from Sun (the Body) is alarming. We actually find in this House not one but two of Sun’s best enemies. Saturn is here. Rahu is here. There’s also Moon, which is best friends with Sun.

And sadly, we also find Mercury sitting in this House. We find the owner of the subject 8 place sitting in the death bed of Paul’s Body.
Moon, even though is best friends with Sun, couldn’t have helped even if it wanted to. Why? Because all the three planets it was sitting with hated it with passion. Moon (Mind, heart) was weakened by being with these planets.

Mercury: Critical Point 

We see that Mercury was sitting with Saturn, Rahu, and Moon. Right! Mercury sees Rahu and Saturn as acquaintances. It was comfortable being with them. But, Mercury hates Moon. Meaning that it was unhappy with Moon being here. Even though to Moon, Mercury is an acquaintance.

To remember: Saturn represents restrictions. Rahu represents illusion, foreign things, and exaggerations. Mercury, amongst other things, represents transportation. 

Key words: mercury = transportation.
We now know that Mercury (transportation and short trips) was at the deathbed of Paul’s Body. Next, we need to look at it closely. 
We already know that Mercury is the owner of the 8th place away from Sun. But now we also know that it was at the deathbed with Sun’s enemies, in the 12th position. But the most critical part is that Mercury was in the house of Venus. Venus is another mutual enemy of Sun.

The deathbed being Venus: pleasures, material possessions, and beauty, could indicate that Paul was having a really good time, enjoying the driving in that car, or having generally a good day. We also see that his mind (Moon) was submerged in that Venus as well. 

There is also another key point to this accident. 


Ketu is concerned about seperation, detachment, and letting go. It will enforce this mission whether a person likes it or not. On that fateful day, Ketu sat directly in an opposite direction to Mercury, Moon, Saturn, and Rahu. Facing them and influencing their every move. Ketu was in the 9th House of the chart.

Generally as per vedic scientists, the Rule is that when Ketu visits the 9th House, the person is bound to go to foreign places or to take spiritual voyages. In this case, Ketu sent Paul Walker to the other dimensions.

Ketu will use violence if it wants. It will also attack its opposing planets thoughtlessly. It was facing Moon in this position which is a mutual enemy. It was facing Rahu which is a mutual enemy. And notably, it was also facing Saturn, another mutual enemy. 


Let’s now use a scenario to answer to our research question: was the vehicle the reason Paul Walker passed away? 

We know that Ketu represents many things. Among those, Ketu is also responsible for the latest technology or machines. Now, we have learnt from the Media that Paul was driving a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. Which is a car with high tech aspects. 

In an explanation: the Car (Ketu) was opposed by restrictions (Saturn). The car was influenced by foreignism by being a German car or a sports car, etc. (Rahu). The Car was opposed by exaggerations/strangeness (Rahu) maybe in the form of speed, setup, etc. The Car (Ketu) was opposed or influenced by short travels / transportation (Mercury).

Ketu was also in the 6th position from Sun (the Body). To remember: the 6th place from a planet represents enemies, obstacles, problems, daily routine, and general health to that specific planet. Now Ketu being on the 9th house would result in Ketu separating Paul Walker from luck, father, government association, positive foreign journeys, and mentors. The 9th House represents these things. (Caution: To not confuse 6th place with 6th House.)

Disclaimer: This Investigation is performed for research purposes only. The aim is to compare or contrast Vedic Theoretical Science, or the views of vedic scientists, to True Life Events. 
Images from Twitter users.

Investigating the Death of George Michael

Investigating True Life Events Using Unorthodox Sciences

On 7 January 2017 New Zealand Herald reported,

“Fadi, who found the 53-year-old star dead in his bed at his Oxfordshire home on Christmas morning, is due to be questioned for the second time by police in a bid to piece together the events surrounding the last week of George Michael’s life.”

We often see that in many death cases, there is an 80% chance of foul play or its suspicion. This is particularly the case in the celebrity circle.

In today’s case, I use vedic sciences to analyse the death of George Michael who is one of the greatest entertainers of his generation. The research method that’s followed in this Investigation is to compare True Life Events against or with vedic sciences. 

Assumptions: The research assumes that the date of birth and death are correct.
Research Question: provided the controversy at the time, what was likely the cause of George Michael’s death?

There were generally three allegations regarding George Michael’s death.
First allegation: George Michael’s boyfriend had something to do with his death.Second allegation: George Michael had commited suicide.Third allegation: George Michael died from natural causes, a heart failure to be specific.

Only the third allegation was medically accepted to be valid.

What does the Vedic Science Say? Let’s begin.

The Beautiful Revelation

People always wonder why certain people become super successful. Why certain celebrities become the most celebrated above their peers? 

In George Michael’s case, it is obvious why his light was brighter than those of many others. 

He was born with Rahu and Sun in his Ascendant. Meaning that these are the two ‘planets’ that added to his personality. However, the planet responsible for his Body and physical appearance is Mercury. The other two added an influence and shape with their own behaviours.

According to his chart, George Michael would have appeared as someone who was very talkative, and who had a big ego. This is how others would see himself, and maybe how he also thought of himself due to having his Sun conjunct the Ascendant.

The thing is that even though Rahu and Sun are enemies, they can work towards the same goal. Why? Rahu, because it’s a planet of illusions, is able to mimic the planet with which it sits. In mimicking it, it will even surpass the behaviour of that planet. 

In George’s case, it immensely gave him the glory of absolute royalty, and a king status.
Sun is the original ruler of talents. And Mercury is the ruler of intellectual skills. Now, Sun and Rahu being placed in Mercury means that he was not only talented, but very intelligent.

The Planetary World at the Date of Death
Considering all the allegations that we read from the Media, it is interesting to get a scientific analysis as well. Right? How were the planets aligned in his world on that sad day? Let’s see.


Sun, as a component of his personality and physique, was sitting directly in the opposite House to the Body. Giving vitality and life to the Body. Sun was in the House of marriage, spouses, partnerships. Meaning that on this day, those whom George Michael saw as partners, or a spouse were giving him vitality. Translating to his boyfriend being in a position to give George vitality.

However, generally Sun is not happy being in the 7th House, unless it’s getting good support from the House or the House Owner. 

Indeed Sun was in a friend’s house here, also sitting with a friendly acquaintance Mercury which is the owner of the Body.

Therefore, Sun and all the people it represents, such as Father, government, kings, and father-figures had nothing to do with his passing. In fact, they were in support of him. Also, any serious love or business partnership would have been of support to him at that time.


Mercury is a key planet to examine, being the main responsible planet for the Body (the Ascendant). On that fateful day, Mercury was in an opposite direction to the Body, facing the Body, giving it protection. 

Mercury was also with his friend Sun, feeling super good, and revived. Mercury felt at ease being in this House owned by Jupiter. Yes, Jupiter hates Mercury, but Mercury is oblivious to that hatred because it considers Mercury as a neutral planet. 

The Big Question would then be why did George Michael exit his Body, if the owner of the Body was protecting it? Here’s why.
Mercury in this position was 8 places away from it’s birth residency. Yes, it owns the body, but was not born staying in it. (It rented it out to Rahu and Sun). So, being 8 places away from the natal position — for any planet — results in the sudden changes, transformations, accidents, misfortunes, and the death of that planet …if we’re considering the unfortunate events of it.

Although Mercury was generally with a good company of friends, looking at his possession, the Body, it was quickly losing life because of the 8th place rule.


Generally, what we see is that Rahu, the magician and the planet of lies was the one that had the highest influence towards his sad transition. 

As we have seen that Rahu was in George’s Body at birth, contributing to his physical structure and personality, making him appear edgy and different.

It so happened that during this particular day, Rahu was in full rulership of everything else in his life. It was in charge of making the Constitution, the laws, the regulations, the policies, and the moral code.

Rahu was the President, the Minister, and the Mayor all at the same time. Meaning that, in vedic terms, George Michael was running his Rahu Mahadasha, his Rahu Antardasha, and his Rahu Antara. 

Rahu, also running everything at this time put a major negative impact on the Body. Why? Because at the time of birth, George’s Rahu was with Sun, an enemy to Rahu. That birth impact lingers on even if the planets move around and change houses. It’s like being born into a home where you’re always fighting with a certain sibling. The effects of that broken relationship will always affect you regardless of which apartment you move into next. 

Another factor would be that Mercury is best friends with Sun while remaining neautral with Rahu. Meaning that Mercury would support Sun and never Rahu.

Now, with Rahu having so much influence over his life at this time, we need to take the scalpel and open the wound deeper to see the underlying issue relating to this ‘planet’. We need to do an endoscopy of the environment and health of Rahu at the time od death. 

Why did Rahu cause the exit of George Michael’s body? 

What we find is that Rahu was in a critical and a deadly position at this time. How so, let’s see.

Rahu was sitting in Sun’s House, its enemy, being burnt out. Rahu was also sitting opposite it’s enemy number 1, Ketu, being agitated. Rahu was sitting opposite Mars too, its enemy. Rahu was sitting opposite Chiron, the king of pain. Lastly, Rahu was placed opposite the mother of confusion and unclarity, Neptune. The other planets all sat in Saturn’s home, but without him.


Imagine staying at an enemy’s home; your enemy places every deadly object in a position to harm you. Maybe your enemy also cuts off hot water and electricity just to make sure that you have the worst stay possible. Maybe your enemy does even the worst to ensure that you don’t come out alive.

At the same time, right in front of this disastrous house is your best friend’s home. But seeing your best friend’s home, opposite, doesn’t give you comfort either. Why? Simply because your best friend has gone somewhere else. Instead, he has rented out his home to two of your best enemies, who are staying with other two dangerous beings. 

So, every single second, these guys make you feel the worst that life can possibly offer. Adding trauma to your living situation. Can you survive? Will you? 

Well, only by Grace. But the planet of Grace, Jupiter, was no where in the vicinity at the time. 


In fact, Jupiter, the saving planet was itself in a compromised position, in Mercury’s home, agitated. To remember: Jupiter doesn’t like Mercury at all. Even though, in perspective, Mercury has no problem with Jupiter.

Ketu, Neptune, Mars, Chiron

These four planets were opposite Rahu. They were the ones dictating how well Rahu would run his presidency, Ministry, and Mayorship. All unfriendly to Rahu. All with contradicting agendas in one way or the other to Rahu. 

Ketu, a planet of violence, total detachment, and separation. Neptune, a planet of the other dimensions, a spiritual planet, but also one responsible for addictions such as drugs. Actually, Neptune and Rahu can be similar when it comes to bad behaviours such as being a liar or an addict. But, the difference is that Neptune is almost five times slower that Rahu. Neptune also has an element of spirituality which Rahu lacks. Then there’s Mars, the king of death, a planet of blood, secrecy, assassination, surgery, and action.

And lastly, Chiron a planet responsible for exposing and digging deep in all the wounds that a human can possibly have. Chiron represents pain, whether physical, mental, or emotional. It’s just pain. But, it’s pain that is asking to be healed or to be given attention. 

Allegations versus Findings

First allegation: George Michael’s boyfriend had something to do with his death.
This is clear why the boyfriend would come up in the allegations.

If we examine Rahu in solitude, we can examine the position of the other planets aspecting it. Remembering that Mars represents our male friends, and it being in 7 places away from Rahu, it represents marriage and serious relationships. We know that serious relationships for George were with males. Also, we must remember that Mars represents violence, just like Ketu.

Therefore, Mars and Ketu, both representing violence and in a position of spouses or serious partners, would of course have people pointing fingers at George’s boyfriend at the time. 

Yet, because we have Neptune together with these planets of violence, there would be lots of unclarity. Because that’s what Neptune does. Neptune puts a layer of rose-coloured glasses on the matters of the House it sits in. It brings a lot of doubt. It can make a killer look like a saint, and a saint look like a killer. 
Also, considering the fact that Neptune and Ketu behave the same when it comes to confusing details, it would mean that the unclarity regarding the role of George’s partner was the ultimate outcome. 

Second allegation: George Michael commited suicide.

To see this factor we would have to look at the owner of the Body, Mercury. We have seen that Mercury was in an compromised position. Also, in a position of secrecy. Vedic scientists have stated that Ketu is the number one planet that’s responsible for suicide.

Ketu did in fact have a 5th aspect on the Body. But its aspect to the Body owned by Mercury wouldn’t have any impact because Mercury and Ketu are neutral to each other. They neither love not hate each other. There were also no other direct aspects between the two.

But, neautrality doesn’t stop Ketu from doing its job, which is to cause total seperation in the House it’s in, or that which it aspects. 
There is no indication that George Michael would have killed himself intentionally. Therefore, scientifically we could rule this one out.

Third allegation: George Michael died from natural causes, a heart failure to be specific.

To be able to evaluate the third allegation, we need to know which planet or Houses represent the heart in vedic sciences.
According to vedic scientists, Mercury which owned George’s body, controls the nervous system in human beings.

Mars charges the blood flow and pressure. Saturn on the other hand puts a stop in the blood flow. Ketu represents the sudden attacks or stoppage of the blood flow or the heart. And Rahu is the irregularities happening to the blood flow or heart. Moon is the heart, Sun is the life running through it, the Soul. 

Now that we know in biological terms, let’s examine closely if there was a possibility of a heart attack.


Moon was four places away from its natal position. This indicates that it should have been comfortable, feeling “at home”. George’s heart should have been at ease. But then what happened? 

The moon being in this House was in fact at a House owned by Venus. Venus hates Moon. Venus in vedic sciences represents, amongst other things, pleasures, beauty, cosmetics, and women. Moon, (George’s heart) was in the home of Venus (pleasures) when it stopped. 

Unfortunately, we have seen it too many times where good things end up harming people.


Sun is the soul, the life, and the vitality of an individual. It is the core of the heart itself. As we already analysed, Sun was happy. Meaning that the state of the heart was in enjoyment at the time of his passing.


Mars is responsible for the overall health of George. It is responsible for his House of health, routine, and diet. On this day, it was not in a comfortable position. Mars also represents action and blood that is flowing fast or heavily. But Mars was not in full effect. Why? Because Mars was in a House owned by Saturn (the planet of limitations and restrictions.) Saturn hates Mars. Meaning that the flow of blood from George’s heart was being cut off, or being restricted by Saturn. 


Rahu being a planet of irregular activities would indicate an irregular blood flow or irregularities in the heart. We already examined in detail and discovered that indeed Rahu was under dire stress at the time of George’s passing. Meaning that all irregularities associated with his nervous system were affected. Why? Because Rahu formed a part in the physical form of George due to its position at birth. 


In this case, Ketu represents the sudden attack to the heart. Ketu is the planet of attacks (violence). And it is clear how it would cause the sudden heart attack. Why? Because Ketu, a planet with no direction, was with Mars and Neptune. Mars is a fast moving planet, but  Neptune is an ultra slow moving planet. 

The tipping part was that all these action oriented planets were in a House of Saturn: a House of restrictions, stops, and limitation. 


Chiron is a planet that represents pain. It would indicate that George was feeling some pain at the time of his passing. To see what type of pain he was feeling would require a deeper analysis on a separate case study.

Let’s now use an experiment to answer to our research question: Provided the controversy around that time, what was likely the cause of George Michael’s death?


Step 1: Place Ketu in. Ketu is pacing up and down, attacking everything on its vicinity. And it is without direction. 

Step 2: Mars joins in with its fast pace. It doesn’t influence the direction because Mars is directionless too. But it adds an element of speed and pressure. Resulting in a fast directionless movement of both Mars and Ketu. They harmonise each other, so they will move towards the same position at any direction they find themselves. 

Step 3: Add Chiron. Add a disturbance of your choice to make the experiment painful to the observer.

Step 4: Now add Neptune to the equation. Neptune is a very slow moving planet. It is approximately 64 times slower than Mars. 
This will result in a huge disruption of the movements of both Ketu and Mars. It will disrupt the motion. It will bring confusion to the experiment because it puts a shadow over the real speed and influence of Mars and Ketu. Because all of a sudden, everything is in super slow motion, causing distortion to the real movements. It is also causing all three planets to move like zombies.

The problem is that Mars and Ketu would be highly damaged due to the counteracting energy.

Overall Setup of the Experiment

On top of the disruptions to the planets, bear in mind that the field from which the experiment takes place has restricting obstacles. Ropes to skip, holes to be aware of, traffic lights, cages, ice to break, etc. (All representing the limitations Saturn imposes since the field of the experiment is his House.)

The result of the Experiment
Definitely a deadly accident is bound to happen. The experiment will fail. 
With this experiment and the explanation of planets on this date, it is easy to see why the doctors would say that it was because of a heart attack. In fact, all signs point to a heart stopping regardless.

But, we have also discovered that there were other underlying factors that happened before the heart attack. Such as the venusian or “pleasure” state that he was in at the time.

Disclaimer: This Investigation os for research purposes only. The aim is to compare or contrast True Life Events with vedic sciences.
Images from Twitter.

Disclaimer: This Investigation is for research purposes only. The aim is to compare with or contrast True Life Events against vedic sciences.
Images from Twitter users.

Investigating the Death of Kobe Bryant

Investigation analysis based on unorthodox sciences.

Kobe Bryant. Kobe ‘Black Mamba’ Bryant. He was a well-liked athlete. He was also very assertive, very focused. But then something happened …his shocking transition transpired on the 26th of January 2020.

At this point, we are all aware that it was due to a plane crash. Unfortunately, his daughter, Gigi, also passed away in the same accident.

Currently there are legal proceedings that Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s wife, has initiated against the County. The BNC.TV reports, “Vanessa Bryant is suing the county for invasion of privacy and negligence, alleging employees shared photos of the human remains of her husband and daughter, who died in a helicopter crash in January 2020.”

We also know that Vanessa Bryant sued the helicopter company for the death of her husband Kobe, and her child, Gigi. USA Today reports, “Vanessa Bryant settles wrongful death lawsuit vs. helicopter company, pilot’s estate.”

Like in many deaths, there was some sort of controversies relating to his transition. Meaning that there was someone blamed or accused of being fully or partially responsible for it. So then, our research question in today’s case is, ” was the helicopter company or someone else fully or partially responsible for Kobe’s passing?”

Assumptions: this research assumes that the dates of birth and death are true.
Subjectivity: the time used is said to have been rectified by a astro scientist due to it being not publicly known.

  • Investigation: Facts
  • Date of birth: 23 August 1973
  • Date of death: 26 January 2020
  • Cause of death: Plane crash

The Best Revelations

Sometimes people wonder why celebrities or highly successful people receive such glorious status in life. People ask, “why him; why her?”

Kobe Bryant was born in the most golden time for any person to be born. At the time of his birth the president of his planetary world was the magician Rahu. The minister was the highly respected mentor and teacher Jupiter. And the best part is that Jupiter was also the mayor. Jupiter and Rahu are best friends. This friendship denotes that the energies were high and positive when he was born. Ladies and gentlemen, Kobe Bryant was meant to have all the glory and honour that he’s received in his lifetime.

We also see that his Sun, the Ego, the Soul, was in its home, in Leo. Meaning that it was in its highest comfort. Giving him ultra vitality and energy.

Another interesting aspect is that his Mars was also positioned in Aries, its own house, at the time of his birth. To remember: Mars is responsible for athlestism. In this extra comfort, Mars was bound to adorn Kobe with ultra, super athleticism. 

It was all written at the beginning of his life. He was born to be an Icon.

But today, we’re gathering on this case analysis to uncover his sad ending. Let’s begin.

Planetary World at the Time of Death

There was a lot of sinister movements in his planetary world at this time. These were the type of movements that he couldn’t have escaped even if he wanted to. Why? Let’s see.


His Ascendant ruled by the highly respected Jupiter was in fact occupied by Jupiter itself. For what the scientists tell us, we would expect that nothing bad would harm his Body when the ruler of the Body is on it. Right? 
We also remember that vedic scientists tell us that whatever Jupiter touches, it expands. It is still unclear to me, as a researcher, if Jupiter expands negativity too. But, the expansion part is actually irrelevant in this case. Why? 

At the time of his birth, Kobe’s jupiter sat in the 2nd House. 2nd House in vedic represents, amongst other things, properties, material possessions, money, and values. Jupiter sitting here would have meant that it expanded all of these things, which it did. As we all witnessed.

But, Jupiter being in the 1st House, on the Ascendant, at the time of his death means that Jupiter had travelled 12 places away from its position. Vedic scientists emphasise that any planet travelling 12 places away from itself means the loss or death of that planet. Now, Jupiter ruled the physical body of Kobe. Therefore, travelling 12 places away from its natal position resulted in the loss or death of his Body. Which is what happened as we know it.


Mars was one of the most strongest in Kobe’s chart. A planet that was responsible for all of his success in Athletics. Why? Because it was placed on the 5th house at the time of his birth. The 5th house, amongst other things, represents our talents, creations, and children. We know that his talent was undisputable. We also know that he was blessed with beautiful four children. 

Then why couldn’t the soldier Mars save him from this ending? Let’s see.

Mars was in the 12th House on this unfortunate day. 12th House, amongst other things represents our death bed, isolation, death, losses, and foreign places. But the surprising factor is that it so happens that this House is owned by Mars. Mars, the king of violent deaths, was in his own house of death. Comfortable and wellrested. 

We also see that Mars had travelled 8 places away from its place of birth. The number 8 is very special to Mars as it is one of its best aspects. An 8th place of a planet away from its natal position represents sudden changes, Transformations, and death of that planet, which is often accompanied by a rebirth.
In all ways and positions, unfortunately Mars was in a state and mood of a death theme. 
Mars is also the king of accidents. Being the king of accidents, in a house of death, in a positions of deadly accidents couldn’t have resulted in any other way.


Kobe’s sun was bright and extraordinarily powerful due to its natal position. So, why couldn’t it have kept his soul in the body at this time and save him? Let’s see.

On this day, we can see that his Sun was in the second house. In fact, it was in a good position for making lots of money. But, we also see that it had travelled 6 places away from its birth position. To remember: the 6th place from a birth position represents enemies, sickness, obstacles, litigation, and the disturbance or routine relating to that planet. But this part was irrelevant regarding his ending. 

However, what we see is that Sun came in and rested at a place owned by his archenemy, Saturn. To top it off, saturn was also in the same house, highly empowered. This gave no chance to the survival of Sun. But what about Sun’s BFF, Moon? Let’s see.


Unfortunately, Moon was also in a dire position, totally uncomfortable. Moon was 9 places away from birth house, which could have been great for his mind. To remember: Moon also represents our mind and mother. The unfortunate part was that moon was sitting in a house owned by its enemy Saturn.
Moon and Sun couldn’t have been saved by their powerful best friend, Mars. Because Mars was in its comfort zone of death. In fact, Mars didn’t have any aspects to his friends at all.

The Deciding Axis

There was another big and critical factor happening on this day in Kobe’s planetary world; that is, the axis of Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu and Ketu, archenemies to each other, had exchanged homes. Ketu was with Jupiter in the 1st house, the Body, the Ascendant. And Rahu being in the 7th House of marriage, partnership, and other people.

To remember: Ketu is a violent ‘planet’. Infact, Ketu is like Mars when it comes to many things, including accidents and violence. The difference is that Mars does it knowingly, whereas Ketu does it fatefully, without intention. Ketu does it because it’s your fate. 
Ketu is also responsible for total detachment. A complete state of letting go. Ketu will force you to let go of, or be detached from, the things related to any House that it is in. 
Now, being in the Body, it caused a separation of Kobe from it. But because Ketu sits directly opposite the House of marriage or partnership, it also caused detachment from them too.

Ketu in vedic astrology is also known to be responsible for technology ot tech-related things, such would be in the case of a helicopter. Indicating that there was a failure to the Technology. 

But why? Why would Ketu be problematic in this way whereas it was with Jupiter, with whom it is neautral…. Also sitting in Jupiter’s house? Also aspecting a house owned by Mercury, another neautral acquaintance. 
Well, the answer is that Ketu will always be irritated by Rahu, which is always sitting opposite. And Ketu will always act without thought towards its aim of detaching the person from the environment of the House it’s in.

But another factor to consider is that it is Mercury that’s responsible for transportation. In fact, Mercury was at an okay  place …with Saturn in Saturn’s house. But the deadly detail is that Mercury’s key aspect was directly towards the 8th house of sudden events, death, and accidents.


Our research question:  “was the helicopter company or someone else fully or partially responsible for Kobe’s passing?” seems to have been answered through this analysis.
What we have discovered is that according to the science, the planets were fully aligned for this sad transition. 

Disclaimer: This investigation is completed for research purposes only — with the aim to compare vedic science with or against True Life Events.
Images from Twitter.

Disclaimer: This investigation is completed for research purposes only — with the aim to compare vedic science with or against True Life Events.
Images from Twitter.

Investigating the Death of Whitney Houston

Investigating True Life Events Using Unorthodox Sciences

We all remember when the news hit us — announcing the untimely passing of the legendary Whitney Houston. We also learnt that she had allergedly “drowned in a bathtub while fully intoxicated under the influence of drugs.”

Then, in April of 2012 the ABC network, along with some few others, reported that there were some experts who did not believe that she had drowned to her death.

ABC reported, ”  Forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht said he does not fully concur with the final anatomical diagnoses on Houston, noting that the water in her tub at the Beverly Hilton was extremely hot at 93.5 degrees. He believes this indicates that Houston was not sitting in her tub, and somehow accidentally drowned.
“I think that she fell into this very hot water, that accounts for a little bruise that was seen in the left forehead area, some other pressure markings on the face, including the slight laceration of the lip, and the fact that she is lying face down,” Wecht told ABC News. “I think that this lady fell into the water, she was unconscious, dead or dying when she fell into the tub.
“I do not believe that the death was due to drowning,” he added, “although I cannot rule out that she could’ve been in the agonal moments and with her head submerged in water that certainly could have contributed to her death.” “

The Vedic Report

The contradiction of this nature can indicate that there might had been a possible stone that was left unturned. Which would probe some researchers, such as myself, to try and fill-in the gaps.

Today employing my academic research expertise, I dive in this research using unorthodox sciences …trying to figure out the alignment of the planets at the time of her passing. To be exact, the research follows the science of vedic astrology. With this research approach, I gather knowledge from astrologers and use their science against or in comparison to known facts, true life events, and/or public knowledge.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s begin.

The Unsuprising Beauty

First of all, before we focus on the sombre side of Whitney Houston’s life, I must say that from a vedic point of view, it’s clear how or why Whitney had one of the most strongest voices in the world. Her House of Speech hosts planet Jupiter. Jupiter in vedic is known as a planet that magnifies and multiplies whatever it touches. It expands the world in which it sits. To put the cherry on top, Jupiter sits in its own House of Pisces, giving her a state of extra ordinary comfort in her voice, self-expression, creativity, spirituality, and compassion.

The Investigation: Facts

Date of Transition: 11 February 2012 Published Date of Birth: 8 August 1963.
Assumptions: The research assumes that the key dates are true.
Research question: was the contradiction worth an ear?

House Placements on 11 February 2012, date of death

Whitney Houston was ruled by Rahu and Saturn. These planets are best friends in this science world. Meaning that their energies work well together.


On this unfortunate day, Saturn was in a comfortable position, 10 places away from its natal placement. It was also 9 and 10 places away from its ruling houses. The number 10 is very special to the honourable elder Saturn. As such, it’s one of the three crucial aspects that it has from any position it occupies. It was also in a good state as it was in its friend’s house. It was also receiving a nonthreatening aspect from Jupiter. Technically, Saturn had nothing to do with the death of Whitney Houston.

Saturn in the physical life represents elders, people of authority, or people who give out punishment.

What about the co-ruler, Rahu?
It turns out that Rahu was the most critical coruler of her physique. It was the main one responsible for the transition of her physical body. How? Let’s see.


Rahu was 6 places away from its natal position. The 6th positions from a planet represents enemies to that planet. Rahu being the ruler of her physical body means that it led her physical body to be placed directly in an environment of her enemies. Or in an environment that had her enemies. We also see that Rahu here was placed not only in a 6th house from itself; but in a house that was owned by its best enemy, Mars. We also know that the Nakshatra lord of Rahu is, infact, Mars. 

So, Imagine being enemies with the lord of your being, and then go stay at the his house for more than 2 years. (That’s how long Rahu stays in each house.) Mars, being the lord and an enemy at the same time had an amplified energy over the destiny of Rahu. 

* Mars

As we have discussed in the previous episodes, Mars, amongst other things, represents males, male friends, soldiers, police, investigators, spies, assassins, witch-doctors, and surgeons.

Mars, shockingly enough, was directly opposite the Ascendant at the time of Whitney’s death. According to vedic astrology scientists, the Ascendant represents a human physical body, the appearance, and the personality.

Now, having Mars facing directly in the face of the body’s co-ruler, Rahu, could only result in a deadly war. To remember: Mars is the lord of violent Deaths. 

But, another interesting factor is that Mars, representing male friends, or male figures was also sitting in a house of partnership and serious relationships at this time. Meaning that a person who could have been male, lover, and/or a business partner, had a deep hand towards Whitney’s transition.

Mars at this unfortunate time was extremely powerful too. Why? Because it was sitting in a house of his best friend Sun. Receiving power, ego, and vitality from its position. Alluding to that the person who could have “given her the state of her transition” was also full of confidence and ego at the time. 

Her Planetary World

The owner responsible for looking after her body and protecting it had left to stay at the enemy’s house. It did not leave the house empty though. We know that at this time, there was Neptune, Mercury and Chiron in the ascendant.

* Mercury

Mercury couldn’t have protected the body because Mercury and Rahu are just acquaintances. Meaning that Mercury wouldn’t be propelled to defend Rahu’s territory. To top this off, Mercury sees Mars as an acquaintance. Thus, Mercury couldn’t have sensed any harm from Mars. But on the hand, Mars cannot stand Mercury at all. It hates Mercury. Thereby giving Mars another reason to be agitated sitting directly opposite the Ascendant.


Chiron is not recognised yet by vedic scientists. But what we know from tropical scientists is that this asteroid represents both physical and internal hurts. Now, when it is transiting over the physical body, it is bound to revoke physical pain. Ironically, Whitney Houston was born with Chiron in her Ascendant, alluding that there could have been physically or appearance related wounds that we never got to know about.


Finally, Neptune couldn’t have done much to protect her. Because Neptune is a planet of sleep. There’ll always be a sense of a rose-coloured vision when it’s involved. Alluding to the fact that Whitney couldn’t have seen the other male figure (Mars) as the enemy that he was. Thus, putting herself in a state of “sleep” regarding this Martian being.


We have answered the research question. We have seen why there were suspicions and contradicting opinions. We have analysed the science in tandem with the True Life Events that we all know of.

Disclaimer: as always this content is for research purposes only. I do these analyses in an effort to compare and contrast real life events to the theory and science of vedic Astrology.

**Images from Twitter.

Halls of Ivy: Beyoncé Finally Found Her Niche

It is so exciting to see that Beyoncé has finally found her niche in her Adidas x Ivy collaboration. The past releases did not represent much of her as a brand. They didn’t represent her well-put appearance.

Beyoncé, Queen of the Entertainment Industry

We all know Queen B as a well-put, organised, well-coordinated Icon, right?

Being ‘messy’ is rarely associated with her or her Brand. Being fashion-forward is rarely associated with her or her Brand. Being fashion risqué is rarely associated with her or her brand.

Her Public Brand

When we think of Beyoncé, the first image that comes to mind is: perfect, expensive, high-end designs, evening gowns, formal clothes, high-heels.

Ama Qamata x Ivy Park #HallsofIvy

We rarely think of Beyoncé in mini skirts, boot-shorts, femme-fatale outfits, and ripped jeans. That would be Rihanna in our head. Right?

Beyoncé has built her brand to the point that it is extremely difficult to associated risks and “chaos” with her either in fashion or her life in general. 

So, maybe that’s why the first releases didn’t land so much with people.

Halls of Ivy

Halls of Ivy is landing for sure. And her reign will increase and last a lifetime. Why? Because when we see Halls of Ivy clothes, we think of office, going out on serious dates, high-class, well-put, well-presented, clean, ….just like Beyoncé. 

This means that we as fans can finally feel connected to her and her Brand through this release. Fans can finally wear the exact style or presentation of Beyoncé herself.

In Final Words

May the Queen of the Entertainment Industry prosper in her Ivy ventures …all the way up to that Billionaire status. It’s well-deserved.

Congratulations, Beyoncé. You did extremely well with this release. 

Buy her Ivy Brand on

Investigating Bobbi Kristina’s Death

Investigating True Life Events Using Unorthodox Sciences

Today we’re investigating Bobbie Kristina’s expiration. Bobbie was a daughter of the globally recognised musicians and icons, Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown. 

Disclaimer: I’m not an astrologer nor an occult scientist. I’m a researcher and a writer. I strictly employ academic research methods for these investigations: mixing qualitative and quantitative analyses. 

I compiled the data, analysed the data, tested the data against the science, and voìla. In that approach, all conclusions are to be taken as mere probabilities, and strictly for research purposes.

Assumptions: the research assumes that all birth details of the research subjects are valid.


According to the Media, Bobbi Kristina transitioned on to the spiritual world on 26 July 2015. 

Bobbi Kristina

I must admit that from a researcher’s point of view I was a bit puzzled by the findings because on the global sphere, the vedic science did not agree with what we know from the Media. 

So…that required me to go deeper into the research, looking into many different media outlets… including social media. 

Research purpose: I needed to know why the Science was saying one thing while the Media was saying the another. 

There’s an explanation… let’s begin.


Public Knowledge

From Wikipedia we know that Bobbi Kristina started her public relationship with the accused to her death, Nick Gordon in 2012. 
Please keep this year in mind as it plays a big part from the perspective of the Science.

Official known Date of Death: 26 July 2015. 

Accused Conspirer to her passing: Nick Gordon, Bobbi’s boyfriend at the time.


The Planetary Setup

The president in her planetary world at the time of her death was the grumpy, old, and depressed Saturn. In fact, Saturn had been the president for quite some years. The Minister was Jupiter, who is neutral to grumpy Saturn. Remember that neutral planets in vedic sciences do not have neither a negative nor a positive effect on each other. They live individually, focusing on their individual jobs. 

But, Jupiter and Saturn have common traits by nature. They both have good wisdom, and are elders of the community who move relatively slowly. They both love spirituality and doing good things for the better good of the people. 

The main difference is that Jupiter is happy, always singing spiritual songs, praying, preaching the good word, blessing us with children, teaching us the higher knowledge, and sharing its wisdom. 

On the other hand, Saturn is depressed, cold-hearted, enjoys being alone, disciplines everyone (but always justly), punishes or awards everyone (always justly), requires hard and repetitive work from everyone, and meditates at the beginning and ending of its day.

It’s also clear that the Mayor of her planetary world at this subject period was Rahu. Remember: Rahu is best friends with both Saturn and Jupiter. 

The odd thing is that Rahu is concerned only about itself. Very selfish. Very demanding. A con-artist. Fond of addictions. Fond of having unending supplies of whatever it has at theat moment, and still would want more of it. 
You may ask then why would these two old and respectable planets be best friends with Rahu? 

The thing with Rahu is that its a mirror ‘planet’. (Occult Scientists assume Rahu and Ketu as planets even though they are just mathematical points…for simplicity.)
Rahu behaves exactly just like the planet it is sitting with, or is aspected by. If it is with Jupiter, it will be mighty spiritual, it will seek and possess high knowledge, it will teach lessons, and so on. And would even behave more than Jupiter would …because Rahu will want more and more of what it consumes.
It makes sense then to say that Jupiter and Saturn will never learn of Rahu’s bad behaviour because in front of them, he is just like themselves…and more.

With all these three planets ruling in her life at the time of her passing, one would expect the best results from her life. In the government of her planetary world, all was well and good, so to speak. 

So, what could have gone wrong then?

Let’s go deeper.

Bobbie Kristina’s relationship with Nick Gordon

But what we do know is that his Sun was Aries. Why is this important? It’s important because in the research we can see that Bobbi Kristina’s partner was aspected by Mars. Mars is the ruler of the zodiac sign Aries. 

Bobbi Kristina, Nick Gordon

Also to remember that Mars is a planet of Death, Transformations, Secrets, Hidden knowledge, Sex, Passion, Action, Blood, Violence, sports, etc.

So… It means that, as per the Science, her partner would have some of these Martian trains. As of the violence, we know from Media that Nick was accused of being domestically violent and controlling.

We also know from her chart that she also viewed Nick Gordon, her partner, as a mentor somehow, or as her husband. Why? Due to Jupiter sitting in the house of benefits from the relationship. We also know that her mother, Whitney Houston had something to do with connecting Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon. Or being involved in their relationship. Why? Because Moon is sitting together with Jupiter in that same house.

Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston

But that’s not all. 

We also know that because Moon is in the house of benefits from the relationship, Bobbie Kristina could have seen Nick as like her “mother”, her nurturer… Someone who took care of her. 

But that’s not all. 

Bobbi, Whitney

Jupiter and Moon are not just together here. They’re sitting with Mercury. Mercury amongst other tens of things represents friends, intellect, communication, fun times, … Meaning that Nick was also a friend in Bobbi Kristina’s eyes. 

Well, the Science would be wonderful if we didn’t already know these details from the Media, wouldn’t it be? In fact,  all of these minor details about Whitney’s role in the relationship, and how Nick got to be with Bobbi are written in the media. 

The science is just repeating what we already know.


Relationship: What We Might Not Know 

What we do not know from the media, but implied in the Science is that there were elders who had a stern say in their relationship. Why? Because the house of the benefits to their relationship is aspected by the good old grumpy Saturn. Maybe the elders were family members who may have approved him as a friend but not as a responsible person to nurture Bobbi. Maybe the elders could have been from her community. We would have to dig deeper to figure that part out. But today’s focus is not on that.

So why blame Saturn? To remember that Saturn accepts Mercury as a friend, is neutral to Jupiter, but hates Moon. So, out of the three planets sitting there, Saturn would disturb Moon (which could be the nurturing aspect of Nick.)

The Big Question: Did Nick Gordon Contribute to Bobbi Kristina’s Passing as per the allegations?

According to the Science the answer is No. If we’re really following the methodology given by Occult Scientists, it’s not so at all.

What we see from the research is that their relationship ended because there was a state of illusion or confusion —addiction or drugs — that altered her state of reality. We also see that the state of the said illusion occured really fast. Why? Because in the house of endings to their relationship sits planets Neptune and Uranus, and in a fiery sign.
Neptune is known to be responsible for addiction and use of drugs. It’s also responsible for confusion. On the other hand, Uranus is responsible for changes …but very quick changes.

Neptune is associated with the Pisces zodiac sign. Pisces is associated with water. Pisces is associated with two fish. Just like how Nick said he found Bobbi… a fish in a fishbowl, figuratively speaking.


The Relationship Start

Now let’s revisit that year in which they started their relationship, 2012.

What we see from the timeline is that Rahu also had started its Antardasha to the Mahadasha of Saturn. To remember that Rahu represents con-artists, addicts, and people who are like magicians. Rahu is something foreign, different, a rule-breaker. 
But because Rahu mimics the planet it’s associated with, it’s possible for Bobbi Kristina to have seen Nick as someone who was disciplined, a justice lover, a focused man, and so on.

Whereas it could have been possible that he was with her to benefit himself.

But Saturn and Rahu are best friends, meaning that the couple were generally happy and very comfortable with each other.

The Big Revelation

Now, what we know from the Media is that on 31 January 2015 Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in a bathtub.

The media and Bobby Brown, Bobbi’s father insinuated that it was Nick’s fault.

Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, Bobby Brown

On the contrary, the Science says that someone whom Bobbi considered a father-figure was responsible for her being in that bathtub. 

From the media, we know that Bobby Brown stated that he had not known of that unfortunate event. That would then mean that there could possobly be someone else whom Bobbi Kristina considered as her father, or fatherly, who could give more details regarding that bathtub unfortunate event.
Why? Because Sun had just started its Purtya dasha the same month of the unfortunate event. To remember that Sun governing under Rahu/Saturn is meant to be detrimental to the owner of the Chart.

Why? Because Saturn and its best friend Rahu hate Sun. So, with Sun ruling under the government of Rahu and Saturn means that it is bound to ruin things rather than be a king that make positive changes. It will burn everything down.

To remember that from the perspective of the Science Sun represents Father, Fatherly figures, the Government, and Kings. 
Another event that we know from the media is that on 24 June 2015, Bobbi Kristina was removed from life support.

So what was happening at that time from the point of the Science?

Mars had since taken over the rulership in her chart. And similarly to the case of Sun, Mars and Rahu are mutual enemies. In regards to Saturn, Saturn hates Mars even though Mars finds Saturn neutral.

This means that in its rulership Mars was also bound to cause death and destruction, secrets, and taboo events.

To remember that Mars represents war as well. Meaning that there might have been a huge conflict within the family in making that decision to remove Bobbi Kristina from her life support. But unfortunately we don’t have this information in the media. So for now, only the science maintains this stance. In fact, per the media the family was in agreement in making this decision.

Male figures also played a big role in deciding to remove her from her life support. Why? Because of the Martian energy. To remember that Mars represents male friends, male figures in general, surgeons, and so on.



The readers analyse with ease because:

If judging the case solely on the date of her final transition, a researcher or a reader may make an error and assume that the cause of her passing was solely because of Jupitarian things or peope. Why? Because by the end of her life, the ruler who had taken over under the guidance of Saturn was in fact Jupiter, and no longer Rahu. 

Saturn couldn’t dampen Jupiter’s positivity with its depression, but Jupiter couldn’t comfort Saturn because: to remember that these two planets are neautral to each other. No effect against or towards each other when they come into contact. One focus on his discipline, hard work, and punishing the owner of the chart. While the other sings its positive songs, posts its motivation quotes, teach, and spread positivity.

Rahu had stepped down after all the unfortunate events happened. It stepped down on 19 July 2015, after having had caused chaos since September 2012.
Jupiter became a Minister of her planetary world on 19 July 2015, and she transitioned on 26 July 2015. Jupiter is a positive planet generally, and rarely causes any mishaps in people’s lives.

But what happens when a mentor, a teacher, a motivator is itself broken and agitated? 
In this case, Jupiter being the co-ruler of Pisces was 6 places away from its home. Pisces energy also represents the spiritual world. The other side. The 6th house represents enemies, sicknesses, conflict, and problems.

In a perfect world, the arrival of Jupiter in this position would reverse the ill-health to good health. Lessen the conflicts. And disperse the enemies. 


A crucial point to consider is that in her birth chart, her Jupiter sits in Virgo energy. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo finds Jupiter neutral; but the big deal is that Jupiter hates Mercury. Meaning that when Jupiter sits in a house owned by Mercury, it can’t give its positive effects in an effective way that would protect the person. Jupiter becomes the wounded and unmotivated motivator.

In the end, as we can see from the Science, Jupiter really couldn’t save Bobbi Kristina from the chaos caused during the Rahu Antardasha in her life, and most of all, the Saturn Mahadasha.

Bobbi Kristina

[Up next… Investigating Whitney Houston’s death — Bobbi Kristina’s mother]

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