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Short Stories: Solving Life Mysteries Using Unorthodox Sciences
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have gone to therapy before. I have paid lots of money on therapy. I have seen qualified psychologists with an aim to uncover many events and hidden information about my life. However, as educated and qualified as they were, the process did not help me. I did not get the answers that I was looking for.

Now, I must say that some people continue to find that type of therapy helpful …so, these investigations have nothing to do with demoralising people from seeing their therapists. 

We’re all different, and definitely, we deal with life in a million different ways. Some people find therapy at church. Some find therapy in their friends. Some find therapy in their work. And so on and so forth.

For me, my best therapy has been through the immense knowledge that I’ve discovered from vedic astrology.

Yes. This science has not been academically acknowledged because of some complicated reasons. It is also not a globally practiced science. Vedic Astrology was discovered by indigenous Indian scientists. They were the first group to discover that everything in the universe was interlinked. That the trees, the people, the moon, the planets, the animals, and everything was connected in some way. 
Thereafter, they studied the movements of the planets in relation to our births, life, death, and so on.

This science has provided me, in depth, with all the answers that I’ve had in my life. About my health, physic, psyche, friends, family, and destiny. 

Many people that I personally know, friends included, do not believe in vedic astrology. In fact, many people in general do not believe in it. And you know what? They have every right not to believe in it. 


I’m going to be sharing with you findings through short stories. These findings are based on true events. My research approach has been solely focused on using vedic astrology as my investigation method.

I will explain what probably happened to a person, organisation, situation, etc. (basing the results on vedic astrology.) 

Ladies and gentlemen, as always, due to the non-acceptance of this science, we will assume all details as probabilities.


The first discovery that is on the cards is a personal one. My mother’s death.

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My mother transitioned to the spiritual realm when I was 2 years old. That means that I never got to know her. All I knew about her were two faint memories that I held from my 2-year old memory. And I also knew some stories about her… stories that I was told by family or community members. But never was one person to take me into the depths that I longed to reach ….in knowing about her. 
…well until I encountered super knowledgeable Gurus in the Vedic Sciences. Then, I got my Aha moment, …and plenty more.

Disclaimer: I am neither an astrologer nor a astrologic scientist. I’m a researcher and a writer. I research, and I write my findings in whatever topic that’s on the table at that period.

I’ve collected and analysed the findings relating to vedic astrology for over a span of four years. 


In vedic astrology planets represent, amongst other tens of things, people. 

Moon is Mother. Sun is Father. Mercury is a female relative, a sister, an aunt, or a daughter. Mars is a male relative, a brother, or a cousin brother. Jupiter is a husband in a female chart. Venus is a wife in a male’s chart. Saturn is the elder in the family. Ketu is the son, and also ancestors. 

Other people can also be represented by the same planets. Moon is everyone who can be of a substitute to mother. Therefore motherly figures, like an adoptive mother. Sun is the government. Saturn is the judge or other people placed in disciplinary positions, an engineer, a miner. Mars is a soldier, a police, an athlete, a surgeon, a male friend. Venus represents women in general, an artist, a musician. Jupiter is a teacher, a professor, a spiritual counsellor, a mentor. Ketu is a spiritual (enlightened) leader. Rahu is a criminal, foreigner, someone unusual, someone who does his own thing, an addict. Mercury is a businessman, a media personality, a nurse, a communicator, a marketing person. 

The list is inexhaustible.


There are 12 houses in astrology. Houses that represent every aspect in our lives. For example, the 1st house being the body, physical appearance. 4th house is your home. 12th house is a prison, hospital, isolated place, foreign land. And so on.

Now, what astrologers do is to judge planets and houses individually and in combination to tell exactly how each aspect of your life is doing, has done, and will do. From career to marriage life. In fact, it has been excellent in predicting even as an emotional event …such as a divorce, birth of a child, and litigation.

Unfortunately due to the amount of knowledge and information available on this science, I will not be explaining every detail. It would be impossible to do so. And kindly also remembering that I am not an astrologer — my interest is not to teach astrology but to write stories.🤪

Join me on the next post, our first investigation finding …sharing discoveries relating to my mother’s death. Write to you soon! 

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