Law School

There is GRACE. It is through Grace that we get to fulfill our dreams.

Law School.
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When I finished high-school, I made two university applications: to be a lawyer or to be an accountant. With the help of my mentors, I quickly realised that accounting was not my route. But I’d already turned down the offer to study law.

The dream of becoming a lawyer never died …because I am passionate about defending the defenseless. Even though I had a Master of Science in Project Management …and a Six Sigma Green Belt, my dream of becoming a lawyer still woke me up in the night, calling me by name.

For the past two years, I have been pursuing a Master’s in European Law. And as of this weekend, I’ve passed all my modules/exams toward my Master’s in European Law…Studying while breastfeeding, kick starting own business, writing, fixing life, learning French, (in a foreign country).It can only be through Grace. I’m forever grateful.

Dull end note…but even with this achievement, I still have one module outstanding from another qualification: the Harvard X’s Data Science Program. I passed 8 out of 9 modules. I’m left with the Final Project. Multitasking is something else, I tell you.

I deserve a vacation!!

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